It’s Natural

The ephemeral world of leaves, seeds and flowers reimagined in glass.

Commissions, one offs

I usually work in series and build a body of work which explores a particular idea but occasionally a themed opportunity takes me in an entirely new direction.

In the Garden

Glass to sparkle in the sun or sit quietly amidst the foliage, adding a sculptural dimension to the garden.


Trees are a powerful presence, a living sculpture.  The subdued colour palette in the glass emphasises their form and importance in the landscape. 


Cyanobacteria, or blue green algae are millions of years old and were initially responsible for oxygenating the earth. I was attracted to their sinuous structure resembling strings of beads swirling in the water.

On Repeat

The multiple and repeated image is often a starting point for my work. I love to take a key motif and repeat it with variations of size and colour. Inspiration often comes from fabric design and just a small fragment can spark new ideas for a pattern.